Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Dhwani showed an inclination to art at an early age. Doodling and learning to write the alphabet went hand-in-hand. Dhwani's parents encouraged this artistic passion which eventually led her to earn a degree in fine art painting and pursue a career in art.

Dhwani began painting at the age of 14 and began selling professionally at age 17. At the age of 18, she began participating in gallery exhibitions. Specializing in oil paint, acrylics and pencil, she primarily paints in a representational and realistic style. Her subject matter primarily includes still lifes, portraits and figurative painting. She has exhibited her paintings in several galleries in the US and India, and has won many competitions and awards. She has also painted many commission works.

Dhwani is a well-known artist in Mumbai and is now looking to explore the US art world. After marriage, she has recently moved to San Francisco bay area, CA. Her latest accomplishment was being promoted in the 2017 edition of the prestigious 21-Under-31 segment of the SouthWestArt magazine. Additionally, she bagged the first prize at the Sunnyvale art club monthly competition and was featured in the Informed Collector's Special "Noteworthy Artists" 2017 article. She also exhibited at the Bella Muse Art Gallery in Utah for their Spring 2017 Floral Show. As a new artist in the US landscape, she is looking for gallery representation. Dhwani finds her art faculties to be ever-evolving with time and she loves to remain a student of fine art painting.